A Message from the Owners

                                                      Covid Update
To our valued customers:  
The Mission Motif cherishes the relationship we have with you. You visit our showroom and website, purchase our furniture or accents, and allow us into your home to deliver your dreams. It is an honor and a privilege.
Covid has caused most Americans to spend more time at home, and as a result, you have been buying furnishings at record levels. We have proudly walked with you to help update your homes or transform them into your office.
Covid has also disrupted our industry in profound ways. Some factories have faced temporary closures, while the increased demand has caused others in the USA and worldwide to be oversold, resulting in production delays. A shortage of shipping containers, trucks and railcars, and delays at our ports have contributed to unpredictable delivery dates. We know it has been frustrating.
We, the owners of The Mission Motif, pledge to give you our best estimate of our expected delivery date and ask for your understanding if our suppliers face further Covid related delays. We are fighting to get you what you want and need as quickly as possible.   
With deep appreciation, 
John Benthal, Owner & CEO
Bob Nelson, Co-Owner