Outdoor Rug

Ultra Durable Outdoor Rugs 

Our outdoor rugs look and feel so great that they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.  These braided wool rugs are made out of man-made fibers (Olefin) and designed to withstand the elements.  They will not stain, mold, or mildew.   Seriously, you can spill red wine or coffee on them and they will clean right up. They are as versatile as they are beautiful.  Soft and durable they are resistant to pet stains, food stains, and liquid spills.   Available in rectangle, square, oval and rounds sizes.   For long lasting beauty, just hose down and lay flat to dry.  For a fresh new look just flip it over and enjoy!   Great for Kitchens, kid’s rooms, bathrooms, outdoors porches, patios, and pet areas.