Craftsman Collection Rugs

Craftsman Style Rug Collection

Our Tiger Rug Craftsman Collection Rugs are all hand-knotted in Nepal and produced on upright wooden looms that reflect a handcrafted rug technique dating back more than 1000 years. All of our craftsman style rugs are woven with 100% Himalayan sheep wool with swiss chrome dyes. Custom sizes, shapes, and colors are welcome. 100% Hand Knotted Tibetan Wool. You can take comfort that all our craftsman style rugs are Certified Child Labor Free.  We know that selecting custom colors can be challenging when looking for that perfect rug. Not to worry, we have you covered with our custom color program. With our Craftsman Rug collection, you can substitute your colors from one of our custom color POM kits which include over 260 POM colors to choose from. Call one of our craftsman collection rug experts today to discuss you rug design needs.