Do you want to keep your hardwood furniture investment safe?

Do you want to keep your hardwood furniture investment safe?

Posted by The Mission Motif on Mar 21st 2020

Solid Wood Care Tips:

Choosing well made solid wood furniture is an investment in the special qualities of natural materials. Each piece naturally responds to changes in temperature and humidity. As solid wood responds to dry air by losing moisture, it slightly shrinks. Joints may part slightly, or a few tiny openings may appear on solid wood surfaces. These are natural responses, not manufacturing defects, and they do not affect the strength or soundness of the furniture.

As the humidity rises, the joints and tiny openings will close again. You may choose to dehumidify or humidify depending on your environment. Recommended humidity is 35% to 45%. Extreme temperature and humidity changes may ruin wood.

When cleaning your solid wood furniture, we recommend using a damp cloth. Periodically, however, you may use a furniture polish that’s recommended for wood furniture to maintain its natural luster. Never use a polish containing silicone to clean your furniture as this makes it very difficult to refinish your furniture (should it ever be necessary).