How Can I Make My Dining Room A Place I Love To Eat In?

How Can I Make My Dining Room A Place I Love To Eat In?

Mar 21st 2020

Dining rooms are a design challenge that many homeowners struggle with. After all, you're creating a space that's more than just a spot for a table and chairs.

When you have a dining room you love to spend time in, you have more fun entertaining and cooking with the people you love. That said, consider the following tips you can use to turn your dining room into a space that's warm and welcoming.

Soften modern design with cozy textiles

Mid-century modern design is popular right now. But while a modern dining table and chairs look chic and sleek, they don't exactly create a lot of warm.

To bring in a sense of welcome coziness, soften your modern dining set with a hand-knotted rug. Colorful art and warm, custom lighting bring in more personality to a modern aesthetic as well.

Incorporate family photography on the walls

Old wallpaper and stale paint colors can make your dining room feel off-putting and awkward. Personalize your dining room walls with art that makes you feel good such as family photographs or your favorite paintings.

If you have a lot of artwork, consider decorating your dining room with a gallery wall. You can add additional warmth to the space with wooden picture frames or frames in fun colors to add more personality.

Use wood if it's your style

Whether you prefer the farmhouse design, the English cottage aesthetic, or mid-century modern, you can make a dining room feel incredibly warm and welcoming just by using wood. The rich tones of a craftsman dining table and wood hutch invites guests to relax and unwind.

Wood furniture and accents can make your guests relax even more when you decorate your dining room with plants and other greenery. Studies have shown that these little hints of nature help to reduce anxiety and stress levels, making your dining room a little haven.

Looking for a craftsman dining table to spice up your space?

The average size of the traditional kitchen is approximately 100 square feet. But the average kitchen size in the U.S. may actually be larger because of combined dining and cooking areas.

This large size can make decorating a little tricky, but a craftsman dining table and hand-knotted rug can instantly make your space feel that much cozier. If you're looking for a craftsman dining table for your dining room, The Mission Motif has you covered. For more information on our mission style tables, chairs, and other furniture, contact The Mission Motif today.